34 weeks and shower update

Our shower turned out to be amazing. My friend did such an incredible job and somehow, it turned out better than I ever could have envisioned. It was very laid back and I just really enjoyed the company. The gifts were tucked into a back corner and out of view and we ended up not opening them so that we could spend more time with our guests.

My mother did come and behaved pretty well, in spite of her telling everyone that she’s more excited about this grandchild than any of her other six (both my sisters-in-law were there). She also told me the next day that I looked “prettier than I have in a while.” Thanks. I’m glad she came, if only so I didn’t have to explain to other people why she wasn’t there.

We had a onesie-making table where almost everyone made us a onesie using stencils and fabric pastels – they actually turned out pretty great and I would actually put my child in most of them. I do have to say that, although it is not as attractive as most of the others, my inappropriate wife wins the prize for the most inappropriate baby onesie:

onesie for babies of lesbian mothers

There was also a “baby wishes” station where people wrote down messages for the baby, which my friend took home and she’s going to make them into some kind of book. I loved the idea.

We were overwhelmed with everyone’s generosity, even after we said not to bring gifts. We received tons of sleep sacks and blankets, towels and books. Although we still don’t have many sleepers and clothes, I think we’re far more set up.

This pregnancy is getting harder by the day. Today was an at-work working day and I was dying by the afternoon. I’m so overwhelmed with what I have left to do, but happy to say that I now have a replacement. Because I found one my own damn self. My good friend was looking for work and I knew she’d be perfect, so got my boss to hire her. She doesn’t start until December 17th, but it is nice to know that someone will be there.

I’ve got a lot of swelling – especially in the hands and feet. I see my midwife tomorrow and will bring it up again (they weren’t concerned last time, but it has gotten worse). Everything hurts and I feel as though I’m kind of officially “over” this whole third trimester thing. I now understand that dire need to get this thing out of me.

6 weeks to go, and of course, I’ll suck it up and make a good home for BoomBoom to grow and flourish and will be happy when she stays inside until full term and ready. The last few days, she’s made motions that make me think she wants out as much as I want her out sometimes. I couldn’t fall asleep last night because her knee(?) was scraping across my stomach. Devon had her hand on my belly and I took a look at her face on one of the big moves and she looked so shocked I had to laugh.

That’s one of the best parts about this whole pregnancy thing.

P.S. Thanks to those who have left message about a password. I have not sent it out yet, but will work on that very soon. If you haven’t already emailed or left a comment, please do.

17 Responses to 34 weeks and shower update

  1. romancingthestork

    That onesie is hilarious. She needs an etsy shop! :-) I’d love the password if you don’t mind sharing it with me.

  2. i’d love the password! i delivered early at 30weeks so now i gotta live vicariously ;)

  3. Great fun. Loved the onesie from Devon. Password. I hope you will post here from the hospital. It is getting so close.

  4. Definately would like to get the password :) I don’t wanna miss out on any pics of boom boom when she finally arrives!

  5. pls send the password to lesbottcobstaclecourseATgmail. glad you had a good time at the shower. we also had a onesie making activity at Sofia’s shower. ours were very thoughtful but moderately unattractive, but they worked well for layering under cuter clothing during the cold winter months. the one your wife made is great! what an artist!

  6. Love the onesie! And glad you enjoyed the shower so much, especially given your trepidation going into it. Would love the PW too!

  7. Samantha Nottingham

    Very fun onesie. Keep baking till thoroughly cooked. I’m glad you mom came and your shower was fun. Please email me the password.

  8. Love the onesie… so excited for you guys!!! Please email me the password when you send it out!

    Can’t wait to hear all about BoomBoom!!

  9. I am REALLY glad it was your wife that made that onesie, otherwise I would be horrified lol.

    Hopefully it won’t take the full 6 weeks since you’re so miserable. Fingers crossed your babe is a 38 weeker :)

  10. I would love the password when you send it out. And I love that onesie, so funny!

  11. I would love to continue following your posts. If you wouldn’t mind sending me the password, I would appreciate it!! Thanks :)

  12. Hi lex! I’ve been following your amazing journey and when I found your blog a few months ago went back and read your story from the beginning. I’m thrilled for you guys and can’t believe your much awaited baby is so close. Would love to continue reading!

  13. I laughed at that one–glad Devon has a sense of humor! And also glad that things went smoothly (ish) with your mom. Can I have the password, too, pretty please? Also, have you tried hanging out in a pool at all? That’s supposed to help with the swelling, somewhat. Might be worth a try.

  14. Glad to hear the baby shower went well. Too funny about the movement! You’re on the home stretch!

    I would also love the password ;)

  15. I would love the password when you have it available! I can’t wait to see what little Boom Boom looks like! :)

  16. I would love the password to be able to follow your journey. Our own journey is just starting….

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