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Mom – yes. Crazy – yes. Lesbian – yes. So let’s define some things.

Mom: I gave birth to my daughter BoomBoom in January, 2013 after 9 months of IUIs and many years beforehand of cutting back meds etc to get ready for pregnancy.

Lesbian: Easy definition. I am a woman who likes other women. In fact, I’m married to the most gorgeous and amazing woman I have ever met, and I’m incredibly lucky.

Crazy: I call myself crazy because I’ve struggled with depression for the better (worse) half of my life. Like not just your “normal” depression, but your institutionalized, heavily medicated depression. The kind where they keep you in isolation on suicide watch, and when they don’t know what to do with you anymore, they shock your brains out with way too much Electro-Convulsive Therapy.

Now before you send the social workers, hear me out – I’m better. I haven’t had a depressive episode in years. I still take medication for my mental health, but I did everything I could to be able to carry a baby safely and my baby turned out perfectly.

My name is Lex. My partner is Devon. I have wanted a baby for as long as I remember. Like since I was three years old. I’ve wanted to carry a child in my belly. I get those crazy hormonal urges where my belly literally aches to be filled. My greatest fear is to wake up when my eggs are old and realize I’ve missed out on the most important gift of my life.

So, this blog is a place where I will be writing about my journey to become a mother: From how it affects my marriage, my health, my family, my baby’s health, my community, and the rest of my life.

Update July 2013: I am now a crazy lesbian mom who has just been diagnosed with stage IV colon cancer. Not that I really want to make this a TTC mental health LGTB mommy cancer blog… but sometimes life gives you a weird combination of things.


Feel free to email me at crazylesbianmom(@)gmail(dot)com


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  1. Hola! May I please have your password for the protected post or is it private?

  2. Hi Lex! I’m Milissa and I’m doing a blog on American Motherhood for a final project for one of my college classes. I’d love to feature you as a guest blogger on a post about Lesbian Motherhood! Please e-mail me or comment and let me know if you are interested. I’d love to feature your story, I’m talking about how lesbian moms deserve a huge pat on the back for all the effort it takes to create a family and be a lesbian mother and how maybe a peak into what the process is like?

  3. Hello!
    Congratulations to you and your wife. I was wondering how old you were when you began this journey..

  4. hi! I am a nonbio mom who is expecting in Feb 2013. I ran across your page, and I would love to read more. Is there another site? My partner and I are on The Bump as well. (MrsJBee)

  5. I have emailed my post. I don’t mind if it is posted just typed it while at work and emailed it to myself….n_hopkins@live.com

  6. May I have the password to see your post?

  7. Hello,

    Congrats on your new edition!!! Could I have the password to view photos!! Also I had emailed u last year I don’t know if you ever received it or not?!?!?

    Again Congratulations!

  8. Hi there, may we have the password for your private post?

    B & C

  9. Passing along my IVF website to people that may be interested! Congrats on your success :)


    Caitlin Hill

  10. Hello, I seem to have misplaced your password and I would like to keep up with your posts.

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